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Who are we?

MediaPlateNJ, is a creative meeting space that offers extraordinary, immersive, and creatively stimulating events called "Meet Ups" that foster genuine interaction, collaboration, and inspiration among colleagues, project teams, and industry professionals.

Game Night at MediaPlateNJ

Game Night

 Engage in a variety of interactive games that challenge your skills, stimulate your mind, and create an electrifying atmosphere of friendly competition and collaboration.

Karaoke At MediaPlateNJ

Join us for an unforgettable karaoke experience that transcends entertainment. Singing along to your favorite tunes while bonding with co-workers creates an atmosphere of camaraderie.


Paint and Sip at MediaPlateNJ

Creative Events

Immerse yourself in one of our creative events as you paint, mold or sculpt your way to self-expression while sipping on your favorite spirits.

Dance Lessons at MediaPlateNJ

Embark on a dance journey where learning new styles translates to strengthened team bonds and enhanced skills.

Dance Classes

Events and "Meet Ups" we offer. 

Private Party

Private Social

Game Night

Game Night



Paint and Sip

Create & Sip

Dance Lessons





Paint & Sip

Paint & Sip Event

"This event truly sparked creativity, fostered teamwork, and left us with colorful memories that we'll cherish. Kudos to MediaPlate for providing such a fantastic experience!"


Karaoke Event

"We laughed, supported, and discovered a new side of our colleagues. MediaPlate's Karaoke night was an unforgettable experience that has left us more united and connected than ever."

Mazen Ali

Music Producer

Game Night

Game Night

"This game night not only entertained us but also highlighted the importance of communication, teamwork, and quick thinking. MediaPlate truly delivered a memorable game night that strengthened our connections and reenergized
our team."

Amire Jenkins 


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